Welcome to Wild Frost Café

What could be lovelier than a vintage café inside a flower shop brimming with beautiful blooms!


Why don’t you take a seat, order yourself a freshly ground cappuccino and a slice of something naughty and I’ll fill you in on how it all came about.


Wildfrost café is situated at 18 Great Whyte Ramsey, which used to be Bonnets the Bakers. I had a flower shop down the road and was always looking to meet friends for a nibble, gossip and cuppa in my lunch hour, but there was never anywhere really to go. So, when Mr. B announced his retirement I jumped at the chance of making his shop into a one stop social delight of cakes, flowers and coffee.


The scrubbed, mis matched painted tables and chairs are filled with young mums escaping the house work, elderly couples who fancy a little mid afternoon treat, and business men meeting to talk shop about how they are to make their next million!


So next time you are passing through or thinking of somewhere new to venture to, give us a visit for the best latte in town and a free flower demonstration whilst you enjoy it. Oh and don’t forget to order a slice of the red velvet cake. You will only regret it later.



Menu Favourites:

  • The good ole favourite bacon sandwich with a dash of sauciness
  • Club sandwiches filled to the brim with chicken mayo, bacon, egg and tomato – big enough to share but you won’t want to!
  • Red velvet cake for you naughty devils
  • Scrumptious Carrot cake for those who like to pretend this is a healthy option
  • Bakewell tart for the old fashioned play it safe types
  • For your little kiddies we have a wonderful selection from little sandwiches to gingerbread men ready to dunk head first into a baby hot chocolate